Homus naturalis got a robot for your cash needs by creating an investment's substitute living in your communication motor .

It means that a botcash go to your mousephone (or other 4G3W_androidus_iconed cellphone) and you may link money-to-money for much-more-money by your webpowered webcashmotor.
Because in your economic life, your options to make plusvalues and purchase wealth are limited to the investment practice.

And when you choose to invest you feel 3 main problems :

1. The process is in "cash_putting_out" mode ;
2. The process is in "accepting risks" mode ;
3. The process is in "competition" mode.

So even if you need investment's actions to look for wealth creation and to increase your economic performance you feel the Classic Economy break_conditions.

Yes because for the wealth creation the Classic Economy do not colaborate with you. It do not accept 5/5 your_human_nature.

Yes because you would like make a consumption action for living and with the same money you would like to make savings for your safe life and allways with the same money parcel you would like to run an investment action for plusvalues production and added value.

This triangle dilemma may be resolved by the money datevaluation which is a mixed finantial sandwich for your finantial fast food accepting 5/5 your_human_nature into economic 4G3W new involvement.
Because the money datevaluation is an economic action by communication motor (Mousephone, Personal-Savings-Motor, Webcashmotor, or another 4G3W iconed screen)webpowered and running for you 24/7. Safe 5/5. And 100% cashkeeping.

Come into Economy 4G3W and go to linking money-to-money by webcashmotor. Do keep your bank-finantial power. Put a botcash in your pocket. Go to Universocial Cash Economy.

Posted: 06/25/2008 @ 02:21 a.m. (PDT)

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